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Premier Providers


CEU Companies By State

AB Canada Tile + Stone Source International
AL USA Ceramic Harmony
AL USA Cutstone Company
AL USA Dal Tile
AL USA Stone Interiors
AZ USA Arizona Tile
AZ USA Cactus Stone
AZ USA Dal Tile
AZ USA Quarries Direct International
Bav Germany JMS--Jura Marble Suppliers
BC Canada Dal Tile
CA USA Akdo Intertrade, Inc.
CA USA Architectureal Granite & Marble (Anaheim)
CA USA Arizona Tile 
CA USA Atlas Marble and Stone Care
CA USA Coldspring
CA USA Dal Tile
CA USA Emser Tile
CA USA Epic Ceramic & Stone Inc.
CA USA GBI Tile and Stone
CA USA Integrated Resources Group
CA USA KO Natural Stone
CA USA Lunada Bay Tile
CA USA Marble Systems, Inc. - Country Floors
CA USA Materials Marketing
CA USA Miracle Sealants Co.
CA USA MS International
CA USA Pental Granite & Marble
CA USA SMG Stone Company, Inc.
CA USA Stone West, Inc.
CA USA Tutto Marmo, Inc.
CA USA Walker Zanger
CO USA Dal Tile
CO USA Materials Marketing, Inc.
CO USA Pental Granite & Marble
Akdo Intertrade, Inc.
CT USA Connecticut Stone Supplies
CT USA Curtain Wall Design & Consulting
CT USA EleMar New England
CT USA European Granite & Marble Group, Inc.
CT USA La Pietra Custom Marble and Granite
CT USA Ontra Stone Concepts
CT USA Surfaces
FL USA Atlantic Stone Imports
FL USA Ceramic Matrix of Florida, Inc.
FL USA Dal Tile
FL USA KeysGranite a daltile Company
FL USA Marble of the World
FL USA Marble Systems, Inc. - Miami
FL USA Marmol Export USA
FL USA Natural Stone Motif
FL USA Opustone, LLC
FL USA Stone Tile Group
GA USA Coldspring
GA USA Dal Tile
GA USA Interceramic, Inc.
GA USA Marmi Natural Stone
GA USA Materials Marketing
GA USA Miami Circle Marble & Fabrication
GA USA MS International
HI USA Bella Pietra
HI USA Dal Tile (Honolulu)
ID USA Dal Tile
ID USA The Masonry Center, Inc.
IL USA Coldspring
IL USA Dal Tile
IL USA Levantina USA
IL USA Lurvey's Landscape Supply
IL USA Marble and Granite Supply
IL USA Materials Marketing (Chicago)
KS USA MS International
KS USA Sturgis Materials
KS USA U.S. Stone Industries LLC
LA USA Stone Interiors New Orleans
LA USA Triton Stone Group
MA USA Boston Granite Exchange
MA USA Coldspring
MA USA Curtainwall Design Consulting
MA USA Dry-treat, Inc.
MA USA Marble and Granite, Inc.
MA USA Plymouth Quarries, Inc.
MD USA Marble Systems
MD USA MS International
ME USA J.C. Stone, Inc.
MI USA Booms Stone Co.
MI USA Ciot Detroit
MI USA Dwyer Marble & Stone Supply
MI USA Realstone Systems LLC
MN USA Amsum & Ash
MN USA Architectural Stone
MN USA Coldspring
MN USA Grazzini Brothers & Co.
MN USA Michels Stone
MN USA Midwest Specialty Products
Dal Tile
MO USA Earthworks Stone
MO USA Global Granite & Marble
MT USA Malisani, Inc.
MT USA Montana Rockworks
NC USA Dal Tile
NC USA Dean Agency, International, Ltd.
NC USA Mountain Marble & Granite, Inc.
NC USA Triton Stone Group
NC USA Walker Zanger
ND USA Coldspring
ND USA Syverson Tile & Stone (Fargo)
NH USA Ripano Stoneworks Ltd
NJ USA Artistic Tile
NJ USA Atlas Marble and Granite
NJ USA Dal Tile
NJ USA Marmiro Stones, Inc
NJ USA MS International
NJ USA Walker Zanger
NM USA Arizona Tile (Albuquerque)
NM USA Rocky Mountain Stone Co., Inc.
NV USA Arizona Tile - Las Vegas
NV USA Curtainwall Design & Consulting - Las Vegas
Dal Tile
NV USA Tuffskin Surface Protection, LLC
NV USA Walker Zanger
NY USA ABC Worldwide Stone, LLC.
NY USA AKDO Intertrade, Inc.
NY USA European Granite & Marble Group, Inc
NY USA Hellas Stone Fabrication
NY USA Marble Systems, Inc
NY USA Miller Druck Specialty Contracting, Inc
NY USA Walker Zanger
OH USA Coldspring
Dal Tile
OH USA Granex Industries, Inc
OH USA Mont Granite, Inc
OK USA Interceramic, Inc.
ON CANADA Stonequest Inc
ON CANADA Surfaces Ceragres, Inc
Dal Tile
PA USA M S International, Inc.
PA USA Sims-Lohman
PA USA Stone Masters, Inc
SC USA American Olean - Charleston
SC USA Big Rock
SC USA Daltile
SD USA Dakota Granite Co.
SD USA Granite Accents, Inc.
SD USA Syverson Tile & Stone  (Rapid City)
TN USA Werthan Granite, LLC
  TTO Mattison Stone & Tile
TV ITALY Lapitec
TX USA A-A-A Natural Stone
TX USA American Olean - Coleyville
TX USA Architectural Granite & Marble, Inc.
TX USA Aria Stone Gallery
TX USA Arizona Tile (Houston)
TX USA Atlas Stone Distribution Inc. dba ASD Granite & Marble
TX USA Claybrook
TX USA Coldspring
TX USA Continental Cut Stone
TX USA Curtain Wall Design & Consulting, Inc.
Dal Tile
TX USA Delta Granite & Marble, Inc.
TX USA Estudio Group LLC
TX USA Interceramic, Inc.
TX USA International Granite & Marble (Houston)
TX USA International Stoneworks, Inc.
TX USA KLZ Stone Supply, Inc.
TX USA Levantina USA
TX USA Maiden Stone Inc.
TX USA Materials Marketing
TX USA Omni Surfaces (Houston)
TX USA Salado Quarry
TX USA TexaStone Quarries
TX USA The Stone Collection
TX USA Verona Marble Company
TX USA Walker Zanger
  UAE Al Milad General Trading Co.
UT USA Accent Interiors
VA USA Arc Granite and Marble
VA USA Curtainwall Design & Consulting - Virginia
VA USA Marble Systems, Inc.
VA USA Marblex Inc.
VA USA Triton Stone (Richmond)
VT USA Vermont Quarries Corp.
WA USA Coldspring
WA USA Dal tile
WA USA MS International
WA USA Pental Granite and Marble
WA USA Krukowski Stone Company
WI USA Elegant Stone Products, Inc.
WI USA Michels Stone
WI USA Valder Stone & Marble


MIA+BSI Certified Speakers

Addison, Maggie -KLZ Stone Supply, Inc., TX 
Albertini, Trish- Marble and Granite Supply, IL
Aloe, Michele - Walker Zanger, NV
Alonso, Guillermo - Daltile, TX
Amado, Keith - Akdo Pacific LLC, CA
Anderson, Brittany - Akdo Intertrade, Inc., NY
Apodaca, Eric - Arizona Tile (Albuquerque), NM
Armstrong, Laura - M S International, TX
Arpacilar, Heidi - Marmiro Stones, Inc, NJ
Aucoin, Phil - Akdo Intertrade, Inc., NY
Austin, Denny - Realstone Systems, TX
Avino, Ernesto - Marmol Export USA, FL
Azurin, Angelo - Akdo Intertrade, Inc., NY
Bacon, Rob - daltile   (Raleigh), NC
Bahamon, Eliana - Miller Druck Specialty Contracting Co., NY
Ballarin, Michelle -Lapitec, TV
Barnes, Nick - Materials Marketing, IL
Basset, Greg - Pental Granite & Marble (Seattle), WA
Beck, Melissa - Levantina USA, TX
Becker, Kayte - Levantina USA, IL
Bingley, Mike - Curtainwall Design Consulting, MA
Bobrowsky, Mark - Marble of the World, FL
Brandon, Staci - MS International, CA
Brittain, Tina - Levantina USA, TX
Broin, Angelique - Midwest Specialty Products, MN
Brown, Eric - Lunada Bay Tile, CA
Brustkern, Theresa - Materials Marketing, TX
Buehre, Catherine - Interceramic, Inc. (Carrollton), TX
Bulic, Ivana - Akdo Intertrade, Inc., NY
Buswell, Bob - Walker Zanger, CA
Butcher, Elizabeth - Marble Systems, MD
Butler, Eric - Cactus Stone, AZ
Butler, Michael - Coldspring, MA
Byrd, Chris - Interceramic, Inc. (Carrollton), TX
Cachonegrete, Maria - KeysGranite a daltile Company, FL
Cales, Lisa - Walker Zanger, NY
Callahan, Meagan - Marble Systems (Country Floors), CA
Cannata, Jeffrey - MS International, IL
Carey, Mike - Marmiro Stones, Inc., NJ
Carpenter, Amber - Triton Stone Group, LA
Carreras, Richard - Earthworks Stone, MO
Carter, Cindy - Materials Marketing, TX
Cavale, Vince - Quarries Direct International, AZ
Cianciolo, Angela - Aria Stone Gallery, TX
Cicco, Mark - Akdo Intertrade, Inc., NY
Cobb, Vanessa - US Stone Industries, KS
Cognevich, John - Stone Interiors New Orleans, LA
Cohen, Barbara - Miller Druck Specialty Contracting, NY
Contino, Kelly - Ripano Stoneworks Ltd, NH
Cornetto, Dana - Marmiro Stones, NJ
Corriveault, David - Akdo Intertrade, Inc., CT
Creekmore, David - Interceramic, Inc. (San Antonio), TX
Cromity Jr, Steve - daltile, PA
Cruce, Sidney - daltile, WA
Cunningham, Jerry - Coldspring, WA
Cunningham, Thomas - A-A-A Natural Stone, TX
Davis, Byron - Salado Quarry, TX
Dean, Diana - Dean Agency, International, NC
Dellacroce, Tyra - Connecticut Stone Supplies, CT
DiTomaso, Ann Marie - Stone Masters, Inc, PA
DiTomaso, Ashley - Stone Masters, Inc, PA
Dumais, Kim – Miller Druck Specialty Contracting, NY
Eby, Jeremy - Interceramic, Inc. (Tulsa), TX
Edwards, Brenda – TexaStone Quarries, TX
Edwards, Lance - Realstone Veneers of Tennessee, TN
Edwards, Rebeka - Materials Marketing, GA
Elder, Christina - Cactus Stone, AZ
Ercek, James - Architectural Granite & Marble, TX
Eubank, Bill - Coldspring, VA
Evans, Emily - A-A-A Natural Stone, TX
Evans, Lynn - Interceramic, Inc. (Houston), TX
Faircloth, Carrie - Triton Stone Group, VA
Figueiredo, Fabio - La Pietra Custom Marble and Granite, CT
Finlayson, Jennifer - Ciot Detroit, MI
Fischer, Elliot - Interceramic, Inc. (Dallas), TX
Fischer, Taryn - Dal-Tile, TX
Formiller, Mike - Michels Stone, WI
Forner, Tammy - Curtain Wall Design & Consulting, CT
Fourchalk, Karen - daltile of Canada, BC
Friedlander, Frank - Tuffskin Surface Protection, NV
Friedlander, Katie - Tuffskin Surface Protection, NV
Ganster, John - Verona Marble Company, TX
Garand, Manon - Surfaces Ceragres, QB
Garcia, Ismael – Miller Druck Specialty Contracting, NY
Gay, Kevin - Interceramic, Inc. (Carrollton), TX
Gerbec, Kiersten - Marble & Granite, Inc, MA
Gerhardt, Scott - Interceramic, Inc. (Austin), TX
Giraldo, Juan - KeysGranite a Daltile Company, FL
Girardello, Giorgia - Claybrook Interiors, TX
Goddard, Angelina- Marble Systems, Inc. - Country Floors, CA
Goetzinger, Michelle - Sims-Lohman, PA
Graves, April - Aria Stone Gallery, TX
Graves, Keith - Arc Granite & Marble, VA
Green, Jeff - Earthworks Stone, MO
Greenberg, Lorne - Fabra-Cleen Stone & Tile Care, NY
Gürcan, Murat - Hellas Stone Fabrication, NY
Gyori, Jeremy -  KO Natural Stone, CA
Haertling, Ted - Earthworks Stone, MO
Harada, Steve - MS International, CA
Harris, Matthew - EleMar New England, CT
Hauch, Karol - Pental Granite & Marble (Seattle), WA
Hayden, Diane - Akdo Intertrade, Inc, CT
Higginbotham, Scott - Dry-Treat, Inc, AL, FL, GA, NC, SC, TN
Higuera, Daniel - Akdo Intertrade, Inc, CT
Hogan, Kenneth - Coldspring, OH
Houston, Kim - Dal-Tile, TX
Huling, Erica - Daltile, VA
Humphries, Allyson - MS International, TX
Hurley, Brandi - Daltile, SC
Hutchinson, Kelley - Walker Zanger, GA
Janzen, Jeanette - Walker Zanger, CA
Jarzenbeck, Brian- Global Granite & Marble, MO
Jensen, Todd - Coldspring, GA
Johnson, Dave - daltile (NJ), NJ
Johnson, Emily - Interceramic, Inc. (Lawrenceville), GA
Johnson, Maija - daltile   (Phoenix), AZ
Karsu, Yesim, GBI Tile and Stone, CA
Kelliher, Michael - Lapitec, TV
Klein, Matt - Accent Interiors, UT
Knier, Julia - Materials Marketing, LTD, TX
Kock, Bryce - Coldspring, TX
Konieczny, Gerald - Walker Zanger, TX
Kornet, Brian - Fabra-Cleen Stone & Tile Care, NY
Kotowski, Elena - Architectural Stone, MN
Kraszewski, Frank - Marble of the World, FL
Krause, Dian - Elegant Stone Products, Inc., WI
Krueger, Duane - Coldspring, MN
Kubesh, Reid - Coldspring, ND
Kuebelbeck, Lori - Capital Granite, MN
Lack, Joseph - Dwyer Marble & Stone Supply, MI
Lande, Philip - MS International, MD
Lane, Liz - Omni Surfaces, TX
Lang, Scott - KeysGranite a Daltile Company, FL
Levinson, Josh - Artistic Tile, NJ
Lilly, Josiah - Epic Ceramic & Stone Inc., CA
Lindblad, Justin - Walker Zanger, NV
Lindsey, David - MS International, GA
Lockwood, Sue - Dakota Granite, SD
Lodge, KJ - MS International, CA
Logandro, Michelle - Arizona Tile (Anaheim), CA
Lonesk, Matthew - Sturgis Materials, KS
Lopes, Rick- European Granite & Marble Group ,Inc., CT
Lopez, Michael- Cactus Stone, AZ
Luizzi, Christina - Marmiro Stones, Inc., NJ
Lupica, Jeff - Walker Zanger, NY
Lyda, Joe - Miracle Sealants Co., CA
Lyons, Sheryl - Walker Zanger, CA
MacNair, Danny - daltile   (Anaheim), CA
Maersk, Line Moller - Lundhs AS, Ve, Norway
Mahaffey, Cindy - Pental Granite & Marble (Seattle), WA
Makovski, Paul - Emser Tile, CA
Malisani, Tony - Malisani, Inc., MT
Manuel, Bryan - Interceramic, Inc. (Carrollton), TX
Marsico, Dean – Plymouth Quarries, Inc., MA
Martorana, Theresa - Global Granite & Marble, MO
Mattison, Joel - Mattison Stone & Tile, Santa Cruz TTO
McBride, Beth - Montana Rockworks, MT
McCuaig, Brad - Tile + Stone Source International, AB
McGee, Don - ABC Worldwide Stone, LLC., NY
McMillen, Blaine - Sims-Lohman, PA
Meriaux, Mark, MIA+BSI, NC
Michaelson, Wendy - Midwest Specialty Products, MN
Mileti, Brian - Premier Stone LLC, MA
Millar, Brett - Curtainwall Design Consulting, MA
Miller, Jennie - Interceramic, Inc. (Carrollton), TX
Miller, Lacey - Walker Zanger, TX
Miller, Patrick - Walker Zanger, NY
Minnich, Sherrie - Interceramic, Inc. (San Antonio), TX
Moffatt, Bruce - MS International, MD
Montgomery, Laura - Triton Stone Group, NC
Mooney, Alicia - Cutstone Company, AL
Morales, Alex - Levantina USA, TX
Muehlbauer, Chuck- MIA+BSI, MN
Mueller, Denise - Materials Marketing, LTD., TX
Muggleston, Jill - Walker Zanger, TX
Musser, Kevin - Interceramic, Inc. (Lawrenceville), GA
Myatt, Brandee - Interceramic, Inc. (Dallas), TX
Ng, Simon - MS International, Inc., CA
Nasello, Kevin - Marble of the World, FL
Olah, Karen - Coldspring, IL
Olson, Todd - Coldspring, MN
Ontra, Badia - Ontra Stone Concepts, CT
Orton, Ashlea - Levantina USA, TX
Paley, James - Paley Stone & Tile Forensics, CA
Panchura, Daniel – Marble Systems, MD
Parks, Antonio - Akdo Intertrade, Inc., CT
Parra, Victor - Marble of the World - Miami, FL
Parr, Steffani- Walker Zanger, TX
Parten, Jim - Architectural Granite & Marble, TX
Pasternak, John - Dal-Tile, HI
Payne, David - daltile   (Las Vegas), NV
Percy, Bruce - Surfaces Ceragres, Inc., ON
Peters, Anne - Walker Zanger, CA
Phillips, Kara - MS International, KS
Phillips, Sharon - Interceramic, Inc. (Houston), TX
Pontel, Williams - Dal-Tile, TX
Preas, Andria- Levantina USA, TX
Prince, Todd - Walker Zanger, CA
Quarton, Shea - Realstone Systems, IL
Quintero, Camilo- Akdo Intertrade, Inc., NY
Raik, Norman - M S International, NJ
Raithel, Sean - Global Granite & Marble, MO
Ramanujam, Priyanka - M S International, NJ
Ramirez, Katie - Stone West, Inc., CA
Rehkamp, Victoria - KeysGranite a daltile Company, FL
Rembert, Liz - GBI Tile and Stone, CA
Robertson, Tracy - American Olean, TX
Robison, Scott - Interceramic, Inc. (Dallas), TX
Roe, Karen- Natural Stone Motif, FL
Rogers, Dan - Interceramic, Inc. (Carrollton), TX
Rollins, Esther - Interceramic, Inc. (Austin), TX
Rosales, Evelyn - M S International, TX
Rosario, John – European Granite & Marble, Inc., NY
Ruckstadter, Angelina - Realstone Systems, WI
Ruvolo, Piera - ABC Worldwide Stone, NY
Salveson, Jerry - Architectural Granite & Marble, CA
Sawicki, Mike - Miracle Sealants Co., CA
Sax, Jeremy - Daltile, TX
Sazak, Cem - AKDO, CT
Schigiel, Eric- Opustone Natural Stone Distributors, FL
Schuler, Jon - Aria Stone Gallery, TX
Schneider, Cathie- Stonequest Inc., ON
Schoenwetter, Magdalena - Jura Marble Suppliers, Bav Germany
Schumacher, Michael- Michels Stone, WI
Schwartz, David - Walker Zanger, NJ
Scratch, Cathy- Materials Marketing (Chicago), IL
Senders, Mary - Materials Marketing, TX
Shea, Yvonne Shelly - Interceramic, Inc. (San Antonio), TX
Shelton, Teri - Materials Marketing, TX
Shipley, Renee - Architectural Granite & Marble, TX
Shrivastva, Sajiv - Al Milad General Trading Co., UAE
Shurafa, Lori - Interceramic, Inc. (Dallas), TX
Smith, Bryan - The Masonry Center, Inc., ID
Stark, Timo - Ceramic Harmony, AL
Stearns, Derek - Plymouth Quarries, Inc, MA
Stein, Bridget - Walker Zanger, NC
Strmiska, Kim - Levantina USA, TX
Tabbah, Jacqueline - International Stoneworks, TX
Talley, Judy- Marmi Natural Stone, GA
Teel, Rob - Continental Cut Stone, TX
Thorson, Luke - Michels Stone, MN
Tindall, Rachel  Interceramic, Inc. (Dallas), TX
Tomkins, Kathy - The Stone Collection, TX
Tuel, Patrick - Realstone Systems LLC, MI
Twombly, Jane - Akdo Intertrade, Inc., CT
Umbarger, Matthew - Walker Zanger, NC
Van Stockum, Kris - Materials Marketing (Chicago), IL
Varlese, Phil - MS International, NJ, PA
Vigo-Romero, Paula - Miller Druck Specialty Contracting, Inc, NY
Vivas, Luis - Opustone Natural Stone Distributors, FL
Wallace, Larry - Delta Granite & Marble, Inc., TX
Walter, Christine - Dal-Tile, TX
Weaver, Quade- TexaStone Quarries, TX
West, Dana - Big Rock, SC
Whittemore, Amanda - Walker Zanger, NC
Willen, Chip - Realstone Systems LLC, MI
Witjaksono, Febrina - Marble Systems, Inc, VA
Wood, Daniel - Lurvey's, IL
Woodward, Ashley – Walker Zanger, CA
Woodworth, Dacia - Materials Marketing, Inc.(Denver), CO
Wozniak, Katy - Walker Zanger, CA
Young, Herb - Interceramic, Inc. (Lawrenceville), GA
Zanger, Jonathan – Walker Zanger, NJ




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