Introduction to Natural Stone: The Geology Series

Title: Introduction to Natural Stone: The Geology Series

Date: Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Time: 1:00pm -1:30pm

Speaker: Karin Kirk

Karin Kirk is the presenter for Introduction to Natural Stone series, she is a geologist and educator with over twenty years in experience. She has taught college level geology, online courses and organizing field trips with students and leads professional development workshops for college faculty. She currently works as a freelance science writer and education consultant.

She quotes, "I am passionate about geology and quite simply, I love rocks and love to teach." She brings with her a different perspective to the industry, be prepared to enjoy and learn something new today.

Karin has just completed her first TEDx Talk in Bozeman, MT.

Location: Webinar


Part One: Understanding Granite

Natural stone brings a little piece of Earth’s history right into your home. Building an understanding for how rocks form and why they have various properties will help you appreciate them and guide customers to the stone that is best for them. Part one of this series explains basic geology in a user-friendly format, and goes on to explore various types of granite.

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