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The MIA+BSI's Natural Stone Safety Program received a 2011 Silver Award from the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) for extraordinary contribution and efforts to enrich lives, create a more competitive workforce, drive innovation, and make a better world.


ANNOUNCING – Spanish Translations of Major Safety Resources

Over ninety safety training resources available in Spanish thanks in part to a sponsorship provided by Laticrete. Those resources include:

- 44 toolbox talks, exams, and answer keys

- 36 safety checklists

- 16 safety classes

All English and Spanish training resources are now available on the Natural Stone Online University.


MIA+BSI Releases Stone Industry Health and Safety Handbook

The Health and Safety Handbook takes a comprehensive look at OSHA's relationship with the stone industry and describes how business can remain in OSHA compliance. In addition, stone industry professionals can use the handbook to:

  • Create a specialized safety program that protects both employees and the business from health and safety risks,
  • Better understand what documents OSHA looks for when performing a health and safety inspection, and
  • Review stone industry specific documents and job hazard analyses which should be considered by every employee.

Click here to order the handbook.

Slab Clamp Safety Video

Free Video for Stone Companies (5:24). The newest slab handling training program is another step in MIA+BSI's ongoing safety initiative which began in 2003, presents the proper use of slab lifting clamps and reviews safety rules that must be followed in order to help prevent serious injury and even fatalities. Sponsored by Daltile and MIA+BSI’s Safety Committee.

Canadian Health and Safety in the Stone Business — FREE Download

Click here to download your free copy of Canadian Health and Safety in the Stone Business: English/French.

You will be asked to register your name and company information in order to access this free material



OSHA Silica Ruling

NEW! Safe Stone Slab Handing II Video

Toolbox Talk (Safety Meeting) Outlines

MIA+BSI Safety Committee

Online Safety Training Classes

All English and Spanish training resources are now available on the Natural Stone Online University.

Thank you to our Safety Committee Members.


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