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The Famous MIA+BSI 10# box

Jeff Handley, MIA+BSI's Member Relations Manager, showcases a sample of the 10# box.

Your membership benefits get started immediately after you submit your application to become an MIA+BSI member. A member of our team will contact you to review the application, provide you with your Member ID# and password to access the members-only website, and review any questions you might have.

We will also help you get connected to a number of 1st year member benefits that will arrive in the "famous MIA+BSI 10# box." The contents of this box include three themes:

Technical Standards — the stone industry's technical standards manual, technical bulletins, and a pack of two popular consumer brochures.

Information — recent issues of the association newsletter, a copy of MIA+BSI's association bylaws, current annual report, bookstore catalog, awards program information, and literature on how to access the many endorsed money savings programs.

Membership Certificate & much more — your own personalized membership certificate and code of ethics for display.

Here is some additional information and helpful tips about the items included in the 10# box:

These industry standards come with your 1st year membership — a $299 value.

Current Dimension Stone Design Manual — this is the stone industry's single-source reference for dimensional stone design and construction facts and details. North American members will receive it in both hardcopy and CD format. International members will receive it in the CD format. Additional copies can be ordered online at at the MIA+BSI member discounted price.


Copy of the Tile Council of North America Handbook — the MIA+BSI technical director serves on the TCNA technical advisory committee which affords the stone industry (and MIA members) an important voice in these additional standards.


Technical Bulletin Updates — these bulletins provide an ongoing educational resource to MIA members and the design community at large. New updates are sent with the member newsletter and are available for download from the members-only website.


Decals are available for vehicles and showroom windows — showcase your membership today

MIA+BSI Member Signage — samples of how you can showcase your membership in your showroom or vehicles. Additionally, electronic copies of the MIA+BSI member logo are available upon request. Many members include the member logo on their website, business cards, and other marketing material.


MIA+BSI Member Certificate & Member Code of Ethics — suitable for framing, both the Membership Certificate and Member Code of Ethics showcase your company's commitment to high standards.


MIA+BSI Membership Directory — this directory is printed annually in late spring, however, your company information is included in the MIA+BSI's online directory shortly after joining. Approximately 1/3 of the MIA+BSI's monthly online visitors are accessing the online member directory.


Recent Issues of The Cutting Edge Newsletter — produced bi-monthly, the member newsletter keeps you informed. You can also access past issues of the newsletter in the Members Only website area.


MIA+BSI Bylaws — learn more about the association's governance structure.


Annual Report to Members — this report includes the many accomplishments of the association, as well as a recap of the financial records of the organization. Reviewing this report will assist you to identify programs of interest to help you succeed.


Endorsed Partner money saving programs information — literature about MIA+BSI's member-friendly, cost-saving services to help you save money on collections, credit card transactions, office supplies, shipping, and utility costs. An introduction flyer is included in the 10# box or you can learn more at:


Sample of customized consumer brochure 

Endorsed Partner money saving programs information — literature about MIA+BSI's member-friendly, cost-saving services to help you save money on collections, credit card transactions, office supplies, shipping, and utility costs. An introduction flyer is included in the 10# box or you can learn more at:


Care & Cleaning of Natural Stone* brochures (25 copies) — full color residential brochure with procedures for cleaning, maintaining and stain removal for natural stone. Includes the dos and donts for cleaning, maintaining and stain removal for natural stones.


Beautify Your Home with Natural Stone* brochures (25 copies) — this brochure provides the information and inspiration today's homeowners need to choose natural stone for their home and select a qualified stone contractor.

* Additional copies of MIA+BSI consumer brochures can be obtained from the MIA bookstore.
Once a year, MIA+BSI members can customize these brochures with their company logo and tagline.

MIA Awards Program MIA member award recipients receive worldwide exposure.


MIA Awards Magazine — learn more about recent recipients of five different awards programs that are available to members. These highly coveted Award Programs honor and recognize natural stone companies, natural stone professionals, and architects from around the globe. Learn more at


StoneDimensions Brochure — StoneDimensions is a four-color consumer oriented idea magazine. Printed annually, it focuses on outstanding natural stone applications in kitchens, bathrooms, and throughout the home. In addition to these feature stone applications, the magazine also includes applicable stories that encourage consumers to choose stone when considering building materials. Learn more at


Just one of many safety-related resources available. New products added to the bookstore are announced in the member newsletter.

Silicosis: An Industry Guide to Awareness & Prevention Module — This technical module is devoted to the subject of silicosis. It is just one of many safety related-training resources available from the Natural Stone Institute. To learn more about safety videos, handouts, and training outlines available about slab handling, OSHA compliance, and much more go to safety.


MIA+BSI Bookstore Catalog — over 75 items are available from the MIA+BSI bookstore. Products include technical standards, stone source references, health & safety, sales & marketing (includes consumer brochures and showroom posters), reference materials, training & education, design, and business management. MIA+BSI members generally save up to 50% off the non-member price. When ordering online, use the Member ID# and password that was provided when you joined.



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